Tables are utilized for large amounts of corresponding information. If you have any information that is repeated over and over with slight variations (for example, a list of garbage pickup fees that vary based on the size of the container), it may be best suited for a table.

Examples of information that should go into a table include:
  • Multiple dates corresponding to separate information (i.e., tax dates, holidays)
  • Items with prices (i.e., maps, services)
  • Schedules
  • A list of organizations and their corresponding services
Specific Guidelines
  • When you are first setting up your site, make sure the Normal and Hyperlink text styles are readable on the alternating background colors of your tables.
  • Table padding should be set to 2 pixels.
  • Table width will generally be 100%, but there is no hard and fast rule on this - use your judgment to make sure tables don't look too empty or cramped.
  • Center align header cells.
  • Top-left align text cells.
  • Top-right align number cells.
  • When listing out dollar amounts in a table, if some of the amounts have cents ($3.45, etc.) you may add .00 to the end of whole dollar amounts to make it easier for users to scan.

Generic Table Example
 Type of Permit Dollars Pounds
Ferret $15.75 0-15
Dog, Class 1 $45.50 0-20
Dog, Class 2 $100.00 21-100

Example of Table Colors with Sub-Rows
 Vehicle Type Fee ($) 
 City County
Car Commercial $35.00 $25.00
Private $23.50 $20.00
Boat Commercial $36.46 $24.92
Private $32.86 n/a
Trailer $15.00 n/a
Truck Commercial $43.40 $26.45
Private $45.46 $20.25