Site Styles
The following site styles have been chosen by your graphic designer to coordinate with your new website's design. The different colors and sizes help signal information hierarchy:
  • subhead1 - Use subhead1 to explain what is in each section.
  • subhead2 - Use subhead2 when necessary to provide additional context within the topic of subhead1.
  • Normal - Use Normal as your regular text.
  • Hyperlink - Use Hyperlink to represent a functional link to a third-party site, document, or another webpage on your website.
Helpful Tips
  • Use lots of subheads / headings to create a hierarchy of importance on pages. Make sure they are descriptive. Well-written headings are an important tool for helping users scan quickly.
  • Make sure that subheads are specific and detailed. Users will likely have difficulty understanding vague, generalized subheads, but will find descriptive subheads easier to use.