Module Category Titles

It's tempting to name module categories simply based off the department or division within an organization. While this may make sense internally, it is not always the most intuitive title for a user.

In most cases, users are getting to modules two ways: 
  • Searching or browsing through module categories 
  • Following a link from a page
In both of these cases, users are not looking for departments or divisions, they are looking for services. Instead of trying to name module categories based on their location within the hierarchy of your organization, use intuitive names that a user will understand no matter how they arrived in that area of your site.

Imagine a user was browsing through FAQs and saw the following categories to choose from:
  • Public Works - Water Division - Water Waster Task Force
  • How to Save Money on Your Water Bill
Even if both of these categories contain the same FAQs, a user will have a much better idea of the information contained within the second category because it provides an answer to the user's questions, not the internal hierarchy of an organization.